Buy figure skating boots at online store.

With a combination of optimal hardness, comfort and flexibility, figure skating boots allow skaters to reach their full potential on the ice.

Here's what you need to consider when buying your figure skating boot:

Choosing the right degree of hardness

The degree of hardness of figure skating boots is decisive for stability and control on the ice. Matching the hardness level to the individual is crucial to meet the skater's needs. Factors such as skill level, your stature (weight and height), and frequency of training all play a role. By precisely adjusting the degree of firmness, runners can find the optimal balance between support and flexibility.

The right materials for professional performance

Professional figure skaters rely on high-quality materials to meet their needs. Faux leathers have proven to be a popular choice because they offer the ability to create a tougher boot. They are lighter than real leather and ensure high durability. The problem with leather boots: they are more prone to brittleness and damage.

The most important components of a figure skating boot

A figure skating boot consists of various components that ensure optimal comfort and support. The outer material is made of durable materials such as synthetic leather, microfiber or genuine leather that provide a secure fit and support. The inner lining varies depending on the purpose and may feature fleece or special functional materials to enhance comfort and breathability. The tongue of the boot rests on the top of the foot and protects against pressure and friction from the laces. Sturdy nylon or cotton laces provide tear resistance and durability.

Buy figure skating boots separately or choose skate combo?

In the Eisprinzessin online store you have the choice between buying figure skating boots and blades separately or the option of a skate combo. Both options offer different advantages depending on your needs and preferences.

If you choose to purchase boots and blades separately, you have the option to customize your boot to fit your needs. This includes aspects such as

  • Performance Level
  • weight
  • size
  • training time on the ice.

You can choose the perfect boot and then select the appropriate blade according to your needs. This personalized combination allows you to get the most out of your Equipment.

Alternatively, skate combos offer a practical solution, especially for recreational and passionate hobby skaters. With a skate combo, the blades are already attached to the boot by the manufacturer at the factory. This saves time and effort in mounting the blades and allows a quick start on the ice. Skate combos are ideal for those who are looking for a simple and straightforward solution.