Bodys for figure skating

Welcome to our figure skating bodysuit category, where functionality, style and comfort merge to support your performance on the ice. Our figure skating bodysuits are specifically designed to meet the demands of this challenging sport while offering a sleek aesthetic.

Versatile selection: Our bodysuits are available in a variety of styles, including long sleeve and sleeveless options. The sleeveless bodysuits are perfect as an undergarment under a dress without compromising on your style.

Materials: All our bodysuits are made from high quality, very stretchy materials that conform to your body and ensure maximum freedom of movement. We offer two different material options: a thin material and a thermal material that provides insulation to keep you warm while you train on the ice. Some models have a high collar for added warmth.

Variety of colors and designs: Our bodysuits are available in two different skin colors as well as in elegant black to suit every taste.

For all ages: Whether you're an adult professional or an aspiring junior talent, our figure skating bodysuits are available in adult as well as children's sizes so everyone can enjoy the perfect fit and performance.

Discover our collection of figure skating bodysuits now and take your performance to the next Level.