Figure skating Dresses in the Eisprinzessin online store

Competition dresses are an essential part of professional figure skating and give skaters a unique and elegant look on the ice. The figure skating dresses in the Eisprinzessin Online Shop are made of various components and materials that have been carefully selected to ensure comfort, flexibility and aesthetics.

Diverse materials for stunning figure skating dresses

Competition dresses are made of several materials to meet the specific requirements of figure skating. The body of the dress is often made of Lycra, an elastic material that allows the skater maximum freedom of movement. The over fabrics vary and include materials such as velvet, polyamides, bi-elastic and mono-elastic mesh fabrics, sequin fabrics and lace. Each material adds a unique texture, shine and feel to the dress and contributes to the overall look of the freestyle dress.

Elegant embellishments and Swarovski Stones

Most of our competition dresses come with ornate embellishments and sparkling Swarovski stones to add an extra dash of glamour and elegance to the dress. The sparkling stones reflect the light in a fascinating way and draw the attention of the audience to the details of the dress. The Swarovski stones are carefully placed to emphasize the design of the dress and enhance the individual style of the skater to be highlighted.

Customized fittings for the perfect fit

The competition dresses you get at the Eisprinzessin online store already come with custom fittings to make sure they are perfect for your individual measurements and needs. The price quoted already includes these customizations, so you'll get a dress that was made just for you. Sometimes it may be necessary to make further adjustments to your freestyle dress to achieve the perfect fit. We offer our customers the option of subsequent adjustments if they are within the realm of possibility.

Discover the variety of figureskatingdresses at Eisprinzessin

In the Eisprinzessin online store you will find a wide selection of beautiful figureskating dresses that reflect your individual style and personality on the ice. From classically elegant to modern and avant-garde, we offer a variety of designs, colors and embellishments to suit your taste and preferences.