Insoles for figure skating

Our range includes a variety of insoles tailored to the needs of figure skaters:

1. Edea E-Soles: This anatomically pre-shaped insole offers you advanced shock absorption and vibration absorption. Thanks to the NOENE® insoles under the heel and metatarsus, 96% of shocks and vibrations are absorbed and dissipated. The integrated arch support ensures stability, corrects posture and optimizes your alignment. Made of hydro-repellent and insulating EVA material, it perfectly adapts to the shape of the foot and provides maximum comfort. The hypoallergenic and anti-fungal properties keep your feet fresh and protected.

2. latex insole: Edea's anatomical latex insole offers you pure support. Made of a PVC-PU material blend and covered with a polyester fabric, it guarantees maximum comfort and resistance. The perforated structure allows direct air circulation and keeps your feet comfortably ventilated.

3. Edea insole LITE: This pre-molded sole with ventilation holes is your companion for ultimate lightness and breathability. The perfect combination of support and ventilation that optimizes your performance on the ice.

4. antishock insole: The original Edea antishock insole offers particularly effective shock absorption thanks to NOENE® technology. The ventilation holes provide optimal breathability and keep your feet comfortably dry.

We understand the importance of comfort and performance in figure skating. That's why we've put together this special selection of insoles to make sure your steps on the ice are as light and protected as possible.