Jackets for figure skating

Welcome to our extensive category of figure skating jackets and vests designed specifically for the discerning figure skater. Our selection offers a variety of high-quality jackets and vests made from highly stretchable materials that ensure freedom of movement and comfort during training or competition.

Our figure skating jackets are available in a wide range of colors, including classic black, deep blue, playful pink and soft pink. We also offer various designs with prints to suit every individual style. Some styles are artfully embellished with iron-on crystals for a sparkling and elegant look.

Our jackets and vests are available for both adults and children, so every skater can find the perfect fit and style. In addition to jackets, you will also find vests in this category that offer extra warmth and flexibility.

We offer a variety of materials with different thermal properties to suit individual needs. From thin fleece jackets for lighter movements to warming quilted jackets for cold training sessions, our selection allows every skater to focus on the ice without sacrificing style and comfort.