Blade Guards

Welcome to our product category blade guards!

Our soft guards are ideal for storing your skates. They keep your blades safe from damage by preventing them from coming into contact with other objects that could break the grind. Additionally, they absorb moisture, preventing your blades from rusting. Remember to thoroughly dry your blades with a blade towel before applying the soft guards.

For the way from the cabin to the ice and back, we offer plastic blade guards. These hard guards protect your blades from unwanted damage, for example when skating on stones or concrete. They ensure that the grind of your blades remains intact and you can perform at your best.

There are differences in our blade guards to suit your individual needs. We carry simple models that provide basic protection, as well as more advanced products like the EDEA E-Guards. These unique guards are extremely air permeable and ensure that your blades do not touch the guards on the running surface. This keeps the grind even longer, which gives you a longer service life and improved performance.