Who is WIFA?

WIFA is a prestigious figure skating equipment brand with a long tradition and experience. The brand was founded in 1926 in Austria and since then has taken a leading role in the figure skating world. WIFA stands for quality, precision and first-class materials and has earned an excellent Reputation.

WIFA's offer includes a wide range of products that meet the needs of figure skaters. Here are some of the products:

  • Skates: WIFA offers an extensive selection of figure skates for every level of skater. Whether you're a beginner just taking your first steps on the ice or an experienced competitive athlete looking for quality skates, you'll find the right model at WIFA. WIFA's skates feature precise fit, stability and excellent control on the ice to help you reach your full potential.
  • Fall Protection Gloves: WIFA is also known for its fall protection gloves, which provide protection for your hands when falling on the ice. The gloves provide cushioned support and help minimize injuries. They are an essential accessory for any figure skater looking for safety and protection during practice.

What is special about WIFA?

WIFA is distinguished by its long experience in the manufacture of figure skating equipment. The brand stands for quality, precision and innovation. Each skate is made with the utmost care and precision to ensure optimal fit and performance. WIFA places great emphasis on high-quality materials and advanced technologies to offer skates of the highest quality.

At eisprinzessin.at, we are proud to offer a wide selection of WIFA products. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced competitive skater, you'll find the right equipment to start your figure skating adventure or take it to the next level. Our dedicated staff is available to help you choose the right products and give you an unforgettable figure skating experience. Dive into the world of figure skating with WIFA and enjoy the top quality and innovation that this established brand has to offer with its many years of experience!