Figure skating gloves

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Whether you're looking for competition gloves or training gloves, you'll find them here. Our competition gloves combine elegance and functionality to enhance your performance on the ice. They are available in different designs and colors, so you can express your personal style.

For training, we also offer a wide selection of gloves. From thermal gloves that will keep you warm in the coldest conditions, to non-thermo gloves for warmer rinks. Additionally, we also have gloves with lightweight, thin pads for fall protection. These give you added safety and protection without restricting movement.

Furthermore, we offer gloves that are compatible with smartphones. With these special gloves, you can comfortably operate your phone without having to take off your gloves. This way, you'll always stay connected and be able to listen to your favorite music or take important calls while you skate your circles on the ice.

Our figure skating store puts great emphasis on quality and comfort. All of our gloves are carefully selected to give you the best performance and a comfortable feel. Explore our diverse selection today and find the perfect gloves to enhance your figure skating experience.