Socks for figure skating

Why should I wear special figure skating socks in my skates?

1. Optimal support and fit: Our figure skating socks are specially designed for use in skates. They are seamless and have an anatomical fit that perfectly hugs your foot. As a result, they provide you with a secure fit in your shoe and prevent unwanted slipping or rubbing.

2. wrinkle prevention: The special fit and material of our figure skating socks minimizes the risk of wrinkles forming in your shoe. Wrinkles can be uncomfortable and cause irritation. With our socks, you can avoid this problem and enjoy a smooth run.

3. moisture management: you will sweat quickly in figure skating. Normal socks can absorb moisture and hold it on your foot, which can cause you to feel cold and blisters. Our figure skating socks, on the other hand, are made of special materials that wick away moisture and keep your foot dry and comfortable.

4. thermoregulation: in order for you to perform your best in figure skating, it is important that your feet stay warm. Our figure skating socks are made of thermoregulating materials that retain body heat while allowing for adequate ventilation. So your feet stay nice and warm without overheating.