Tights for figure skating

Why should I wear special figure skating tights instead of regular tights on the ice?

When figure skating, it is important to wear the right equipment to ensure optimal performance and comfort. That's why we recommend you to buy special tights for figure skating instead of resorting to ordinary tights. Here you will learn why figure skating tights are the better choice.

1. fit and freedom of movement:
Figure skating tights are designed specifically for the demands of figure skating. They feature a snug fit that gives you optimal freedom of movement. The tights fit close to the body to ensure that they do not slip during demanding jumps, turns and pirouettes. Ordinary tights, on the other hand, are often cut wider and don't offer the same support and fit as figure skating tights.

2. Thermal insulation:
When figure skating, it's important to keep your body temperature at a comfortable level to prevent cold injuries. Figure skating tights are made of special materials that provide better thermal insulation and protect your body from the cold of the ice. Ordinary tights, on the other hand, do not provide the same insulation.

3. durability and long life:
Figure skating tights are made of high quality materials that can withstand the rigors of figure skating. They are usually more durable and long lasting than ordinary tights. The stresses that tights are subjected to in figure skating, such as sliding across the ice and cushioning landings, require special material quality and workmanship. Figure skating tights are designed to meet these demands and ensure a longer life.

4. aesthetics and design:
In addition to the functional benefits, figure skating tights also offer a wide range of aesthetic designs. They are available in different colors and patterns that can complement your figure skating outfit and express your personality. Some figure skating tights are even adorned with sparkling glittering stones for an added glamorous effect. Ordinary tights, on the other hand, are often solid colors and don't offer the same variety of design options.

5. different types:
There are different types of figure skating tights that can suit your needs and preferences. For example, there are tights with a foot that offer a seamless fit for optimal movement. There are also tights without a foot that can be pulled over the top of the skate or down the back to above the base for an elegant and cohesive look. In addition, there are even tights that can be pulled over the entire skate. This type of tights gives the legs a longer appearance and provides an impressive aesthetic effect on the ice.