Summer is here, and although ice skating is usually associated with cold temperatures and frosty lakes, there are still plenty of ways to continue your figure skating training during the warmer months. In this blog post, we would like to introduce you to some great alternatives that will help you improve your skills and prepare for the upcoming season. From the spinner to perfect your pirouettes to jump ropes and roller skates, discover training methods to stay in top shape!

Spinner - The Secret to Elegant Pirouettes:

If you want to work on your pirouettes, the spinner is a fantastic training device that you can take with you anywhere.

The spinner is a nylon board that simulates the support of ice skating, provides the same sensations, and moves like an ice skate. By balancing your body and rotating in a controlled manner, you improve your balance, posture, and ability to execute stable pirouettes. With the spinner, you can continue your training indoors and outdoors, perfecting your technique while training in the fresh air. Always use the spinner on a hard, smooth, and clean surface.

Jump Rope - Boost Jumping Power and Endurance:

The jump rope is a versatile training tool that helps you improve your jumping power and endurance.

It's a great way to strengthen your leg muscles and refine your jumping technique. By trying different jump variations and increasing your speed, you can train your explosive power and enhance your coordination. The best part is that you can take the jump rope with you anywhere and it provides effective cardio training to improve your fitness.

Roller Skates - Skate in the Summer Months:

Rollerskates are not only a fun recreational activity but also a great training tool for figure skaters in the summer. Skating on rollerskates simulates the feeling of ice skating and allows you to improve your balance and body control. Be sure to wear protective gear to prevent injuries.


Even though ice skating is a winter activity for many people, it doesn't mean you have to interrupt your figure skating training in the summer. With the right alternatives, you can continue your training and work on your technique. Use the spinner to perfect your spins, the jump rope to increase your jumping power, and rollerskates to improve your balance and maintain the feeling of ice skating.

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