The figure skating season 2022/23 has come to an end, and as we look forward to the warmer months, it's important to properly care for and store our ice skates to ensure they remain in the best condition. In this blog post, we share some valuable tips for maintaining and storing skates during the summer so that they are ready when the next season begins.

1. Protection against Rust:

To prevent rust during storage, it's important to ensure that the blades are completely dry. A simple cloth is sufficient, or you can use our special blade towels. Afterwards, protect the blades with blade guards to prevent them from coming into contact with metal or other damaging materials, and to preserve their sharpened edges.

2. Inner Liner and Laces:

The inner liner of the skate should also be completely dry before storage to prevent any damage to the material. Additionally, check the condition of the laces of your skates. If they are worn out or damaged, they should be replaced to ensure your skates are ready for the next season.

3. Storage Location:

Choose a suitable storage location for your ice skates during the summer. Avoid damp or hot environments as they can damage the material. Ideally, the skates should be stored in a cool and dry place. Use a skate bag to protect them from dust and dirt. To avoid odors, you can place an odor absorber inside the skates.

4. Regular Inspection:

Take the time during the summer break to regularly inspect your skates. Check the material for cracks, wear, or any other damage. If you notice any issues, have your skates inspected and repaired by a professional before using them again. For minor external damage, you can use a special skate paint to improve their appearance.


Properly caring for and storing ice skates during the summer is crucial to extend their lifespan and ensure they are ready for the next figure skating season.

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