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One size fits all. Works with most Figure skates. Secure fit, side drainage and a serrated bottom make this the best skate guard ever. Your blade never touches the bottom of the guard. Save time and money. Skate and practice anywhere.

Who are RollerGards for?
RollerGards are for anyone looking to get more out of their skates. Young or old, male or female, expert skater or beginner — if you love to skate you will love RollerGards.

What size will I need?
RollerGards are one-size-fits-all out of the package. Once you size your RollerGards with the wheels, axels and brake, you can then cut the excess skate guard off for a customized fit. If you purchase your RollerGards at your local pro shop, an associate may be able to help you size and cut your RollerGards there.

What tool should I use to cut my RollerGards to fit?
First and foremost, cutting should only be done by an adult. We have found that the best tool for the job is a PVC pipe cutter, but if you don’t have one of those, any sharp saw or blade will work. Please be careful and use caution when cutting your RollerGards.

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Kategorie: Kufenschoner
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