It's all about the right lacing!

It is important to tie skates properly to ensure both performance and safety on the ice.

If skates are not tied properly, it can lead to instability, discomfort and even injury.

A properly tied skate provides support and stability for the foot and ankle, which is critical when skating.

If the laces are too loose, the foot can slip in the skate and affect balance, which can lead to falls. If the laces are too tight, this can lead to pressure points and pain, which can make skating uncomfortable and affect performance.

In addition, incorrect binding can also affect the life of the skates. If the skates are tied too loosely, the material will not adapt properly to the foot, which can lead to premature wear of the boots.

Overall, proper binding of the skates is an important point to ensure optimal performance, comfort and safety on the ice.


Here the laces are always passed through the eyelets from the inside to the outside.

 + Advantages

  • Comfortable lacing to the side/upwards
  • Easy lacing out

 - Disadvantages

  • Shoelaces can become loose during tying


Here the laces are always passed through the eyelets from the outside to the inside.

+ Advantages

  • Shoelaces do not loosen during tying
  • Shoe fits better to the foot

- Disadvantages

  • more uncomfortable lacing with pull inwards
  • more difficult lacing out

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