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Discover our product category Rollers and Inline Frames, specially designed for your figure skates. With these innovative additions, you can enjoy the icy feeling of figure skating even in summer and do your laps outside.

Our Rollers offer you a unique riding experience that comes very close to gliding on the ice. Thanks to high-quality materials and precise construction, you get stability and flexibility at the same time. You can mount the Rollers on your figure skates and start skating right away.

Whether you're an experienced figure skater or just starting out in the sport, our rollers and inline frames will allow you to live out your passion for figure skating all year round. Treat yourself to the pleasure of gliding on Rollers or taking your creativity to the streets with Inline Frames.

Check out our Rollers and Inline Frames product category now to find the perfect addition to your figure skating skates. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is here to help. We look forward to helping you make your figure skating dreams come true - no matter the Season!